10th-grader sells stolen gun to classmate during homeroom

Two 10th-graders were arrested this afternoon at Upper Darby High School after one sold the other a gun during homeroom.

One 15-year-old teen allegedly sold another a .38 revolver in return for $100 and a stun gun, said Superintendent Michael Chitwood. During the course of the school day, the alleged seller showed off the stun gun, prompting another student to tell a teacher, who in turn alerted security.

Police responded with a K-9 unit around 1 p.m. and found that the same 15-year-old also had a fully loaded .25 semi-automatic gun in his hoodie pocket, along with a knife and a nickle bag of marijuana in his backpack. One of the guns was allegedly stolen from the teen’s brother-in-law in October and the second from his grandfather around Thanksgiving.

Both the seller and the buyer were arrested and will be charged with carrying a gun on school property and other firearms violations.

“From a safety perspective, the student who told the teacher and the teacher who told security did all the right things and security got to the police,” Chitwood said. “Right now, it looks like we could’ve prevented some type of tragedy from occurring in that school.”

Chitwood said that the investigation is ongoing and that search warrants will be executed at both of the students’ homes.

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