11 new Philly restaurants to try this fall

Philly Restaurants

When it comes to the Philly restaurants scene and the fall, fresh restaurants are like new television series for the season: plentiful and varied. Some are salt-free and have a place on network TV, others are spicy and HBO ready. While some upcoming culinary hotspots have been in the planning-design-execution stage(e.g., Giuseppe & Sons, the new Bourse food court), others seem to have popped up like daisies (e.g., Nunu, Stina), yet sound equally tasty and ready for prime time. Without further adieu, here are 11 new Philly restaurants in 10 locations set to open in September and October prepared to take your taste buds on an adventure. The new hot spots you cant miss! Bon appetite! 

The 11 new fall Philly Restaurants you have to try! 

Giuseppe & Sons, 1521 Sansom Street

Two longtime Philly restaurants food families – married chef/restauranteurs Michael Schulson and Nina Tinari pair up with the trio behind Termini Brothers Bakery to create another of Schulson’s two-in-one spots similar to their previous success Double Knot. Only this time, the theme is Italian. While the first-floor street level café is flush with roast pork, meatball, chicken parmesan sandwiches and cookies, the downstairs is an opulently comported Italian boite filled with extravagant pasta (to say nothing of traditional red gravy fares such as spaghetti and sausage) and cannolis.


Philly restaurants

T&N Homemade Kitchen and the Jeet Mobile, 1149 N 3rd Street

Along with being playful (‘jeet’ being slang for ‘ did you eat yet?’), the T&N family operation run by son Michael Tuono has long been dedicated to good old home-style cooking. Along with opening its second T&N in Northern Liberties (the first resides at 1820 W. Moyamensing Ave.), the family expands their breakfast-luncheon biz with a Jeet Mobile food truck. Prepare your taste buds for new menu items such as The Frankie Five Stents; a burger topped with panko battered onion rings, fried bacon, pickles, cherry peppers tomatoes, beer battered mozzarella all sandwiched between a fried battered Italian hoagie. Can you already feel your mouth water? 


Green Soul, 1410 Mt. Vernon Street at North Broad

Two of Philly restaurants food scene’s favorite brothers- Benjamin and Robert Bynum –know how to do Southern-style cooking justice. They already have a stately restaurant/jazz club, South, to prove it. Now the brothers are a premiering a nearby Green Soul spot serving a lighter, and healthier take on their rich, hearty Southern fare.


Stock Rittenhouse, 1935 Chestnut Street.

Gin Thorke, Khao Poon, and brightly colored banh mi are just a few of the delicacies you have to look forward to while visiting this exotic establishment. However, that’s not all, Thai fried chicken, sai oua seitan, Thai beef jerky, and caramelized pork also grace the menu. All of these delicious dishes are part of the second Southeast Asian BYOB from Tyler Akin, the owner of his Rittenhouse-area neighbor, Res Ipsa.


Philly Restaurants

Stina, 1705 Snyder Avenue, South Philly

Bobby Saritsoglou is a culinary overlord of Mediterranean fare and Philly restaurants having once run the kitchen at Opa. His wife (and new restaurant namesake) Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou co-founded Philly AIDS Thrift and is all about helping people. Together, they bring nurture and nature to a New BYOB and a menu centered around a Morello Forni wood-fired oven. “From pizza to bread to roasted meats and vegetables all gently kissed by smoke,” said Saritsoglou. “This will be our only cooking implement so that it will be our workhorse.” Plus, they’re donating a portion of their sales on a monthly basis to local charities, community projects, and school programs. A meal you can honestly feel good about eating. 


Attico and Del Frisco’s Grille, 219 S. Broad Street

I’m a sucker for the old hotel bar and restaurant schematic, so imagine my delight when not one, but two spaces announced an opening at the airy new Cambria Hotel on Broad. While Attico takes the indoor-outdoor rooftop escape with lighter fare set to drop ASAP, Del Frisco’s Grille is opening on Cambria’s ground floor and may immediately be following Attica’s lead.

Nunu, 1414 Frankford Avenue

Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh of Cheu Noodle Bar, and Bing Bing Dim Sum fame have no regard for the ancient traditions of Asian cooking. Perfect! That’s what makes them unique, even innovative at times. Now, they’re opening a Japanese snack eatery and bar filled with delicate katsu, yakitori, and sake cocktails right next door to Cheu Fishtown. The restaurants are so close; they could even share an outdoor patio where diners can order from both Cheu and Nunu. If that’s not a fantastic use for a patio then I’m not sure what is. 


Philly restaurants

Kontrol, 1320 Chestnut Street

Similar to the interconnectivity of Nunu and Cheu Fishtown, this underground club spot below the newly opened BBQ joint/sports bar, Tradesman’s,  allows you to move back-and-forth between the two rooms. However, that’s not all! You also have access to their neighbor U-Bahn featuring American craft beer and accompanying nibbles along with their block buddy, the German beer and wurst-menu focused BRU. Stuffed with DJs playing deep house, look for Kontrol to open Sept 7.

Elwood,  1007 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown

Adam Diltz of Farmacia fame stays rural and rustic with a tiny new BYOB focused on his Pennsylvania Dutch lineage. Diltz is able to keep the charms and atmosphere of the past relevant without turning into ye old city tavern. Expect the tastes of Philly’s colonial era and other previous Pennsylvanian flavors and inspirations. Huzzah. 


Bourse Marketplace, 111 S. Independence Mall East

The long-awaited, 30+ vendors-filled food hall in the historical and gorgeously appointed Bourse building is this close to opening! Proceed to have a mini celebration on your own. What do you have to look forward to eating?  Stargazy’s Sam Jacobson is premiering grilled cheese specialties such as the Mighty Melt, Maison 208’s Sylva Senat is serving up sliders and fries dubbed Baby Buns, and 3rd & Ferry is bringing the lobster rolls plus tacos, poke, and so much more.​ Think of it as the mecca os the Philly restaurants scene. 




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