12th Street Catering continues to deliver meals to first responders


Throughout this unprecedented period in time, many establishments have stepped up to help those in need and further service those who are keeping us safe, including 12th Street Catering. 

The full-service catering company has been serving up memorable meals for a plethora of occasions in the City of Brotherly Love for years, and the global pandemic has not stopped their efforts, it just has shifted them a bit. 12th Street has always prided itself on not just being a food-producing company, but also a true food-loving company offering meals crafted with pride—and there is no better deserving group that could use some culinary gifts right now then those on the front line of COVID-19. 


According to a release, amid the coronavirus outbreak,12th Street Catering is staying true to its mission by providing fresh and sustainable meals to those who need it most: healthcare workers, first responders, and their families. 12th Street Catering has teamed up with United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI) for this cause to provide free meals to local healthcare workers to give thanks for their hard work during the pandemic. 

The services went into full swing last week. Workers began preparing, cooking and delivering hundreds of meals to both Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Temple University Hospital to help achieve the goal of providing relief to first responders. These meals can help ease the mind of those keeping us safe, and provide nourishment for their families after a long shift allowing them to focus on what’s truly important when they are off the clock—spending time with loved ones. Each meal feeds a family of four and includes a protein, vegetable and side dish. 


12th Street has also taken precautions to help ensure safety on behalf of their staff and those receiving the meals. The release states, to protect themselves and others, the 12th Street Catering staff is self-isolating and has its temperature taken each day. They utilize no-contact delivery during drop offs to the hospitals to ensure the safety of their team and hospital staff.

The catering company has always taken the time to go the extra mile with their food, crafting meals and memories in edible form, and that still is the main objective, just now it seems to be more meaningful than ever. 

12th Street hopes their efforts will inspire other organizations to do the same, and if anyone is interested in making a donation as well, they can go so through usli.wufoo.com/forms/zwfhab101x6x03


To find out more information, visit 12stcatering.com

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