14 Arrested at Occupy Philly Protest Friday

14 people were arrested on Friday when Occupy Philly waged a two-hour protest against predatory lending practices at Wells Fargo at 17th and Market streets.

Protesters gathered outside and shouted slogans, while a group of Occupiers dug in their heels in the lobby, linking arms and refusing to move.

Police arrested the protesters without incident and charged them with defiant trespass and criminal conspiracy, according to Occupy Philly.

The action happened just a day after Occupy Philly voted to move from Dilworth Plaza in a meeting that stretched late into the night, attempted to set up camp at Thomas Paine Plaza in front of the Municipal Services Building across the street and were turned away by police.

Mayor Michael Nutter and Managing Director Rich Negrin talked to the protesters’ legal collective in a late-night emergency meeting and explained to them that they could not move until a permit for the space had been approved.

Protesters returned to Dilworth Plaza, but some claimed that their food supply and other tents had been raided.

Occupy Philly voted Friday to allow their legal collective to apply for a permit, but said that it must include allowances for a 24-hour occupation with tents and warming stations. Due to issues raised at past meetings with the city, there has been speculation that lawmakers will issue a permit for Thomas Paine, but stipulate that the occupation cannot be 24 hours or involve tents in an attempt to avoid the sanitation and public safety hazards that became problem at the City Hall encampment.

Nutter is reportedly still reviewing terms of the permit and says he will not evict Occupy Philly until he has finished the process.

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