2011 City election in tweets: The good, the bad and the clueless

Philadelphians’ tweets told the story of today’s election: some were excited to cast a ballot, some emphatically (or lazily) didn’t vote and most were either totally uninformed or could care less.

The good:

Popular attitude of those who voted: if you didn’t, don’t bitch later.

Some spoke on (or against) specific candidates (okay, it was mostly Nutter).

Others lamented the low turnout.

Hey, nepotism is better than not voting at all. I think.

Of course, Occupy Philly somehow made its way into the citywide Twitter dialogue.

The bad:

And the clueless:

Or disenchanted.

Or … funny?

Plus, those that ran into legitimate logistical problems.

Either way, congrats to Mayor Nutter, thanks for the fodder and see you again in four years.

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