25 things you must know about Nick Foles, Philly’s cutest quarterback


It’s not about me. … It’s about the Eagles and Philly,” Nick Foles said back in July, explaining why he didn’t talk to writer Buzz Bissinger for Philadelphia magazine’s cover profile on our new franchise quarterback.

Bissinger reacted by calling him “chickenshit.”

Foles wouldn’t do a one-on-one interview with us, either. But we were neither surprised nor offended. Celebrities of the non-threateningly cute, teen magazine variety are supposed to play hard to get. It just makes them all the more appealing. And Foles is the closest thing to a teen idol this city has seen since Dick Clark hosted American Bandstand in West Philly.

That’s why football season is also the time to channel your best pre-pubescent co-ed and devour — squealing — every one of the following 25 off-the-field facts we were able to scrape up about Philly’s most crush-worthy quarterback (unless Foles continues with the turnovers and missed throws and we all start falling for the Valentino-esque Mark Sanchez).

  1. Nick was almost literally born with a football in his hands. A picture of a 2-day-old Nick holding a football pretty much the same way he does today still drifts around the depths of the Internet.
  2. He’s big into family. A tattoo on the inside of his biceps actually spells out that word in Chinese characters!
  3. Though you can’t hear it in his voice, this born-and-bred Texan has local roots. Nick’s family on his mother’s side “a long time ago settled in Philadelphia,” he once revealed.

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