27 arrested in meth ring bust: AG Kane


State prosecutors announced Wednesday that they had charged 27 people withmethamphetamine sales and usage in Clearfield County in Central Pennsylvania.

The 27 suspects identified by Attorney General Kathleen Kane’soffice were being sought Thursday after charges related to drug dealing and drug possessionwere formally filed.

During the investigation, law enforcement purchased and seized one pound ofmeth,with an estimated street value of$90,736, along with $8,400 worth of heroin, $27,867 in cash, seven weapons and a vehicle, according to the attorney general’s office.

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Undercover officers and confidential informants reportedly were used to infiltrate the operation, a statement from Kane’s office said.

Those charged are:Brian Duttry, 33,Lacey Dean, 34,Jessica Vicklund, 35,Joe Alvin, 32,Hank Petrillo, 28, Jack Yohe, 35,Kelly Zameroski, 22, Eric McDonald, 31, Cassidy Kaizer, 33, Nathan Smith, 32,Shannon Lathrop, 38,Corinne Shannon, 35,Frederick Oddo, 45, Victor Elliott, 56,Robert Selfridge, 35,Joseph Mazza, 23, Jodi Taylor, 33,Joseph Frantz, 27,John Pentz, 33, Cristy Henderson, 30,Chapel Peace, 33,Jason Yusnukis, 25, Robert Milhomme, 29, Justin Zeruth, 28,Brittany Keech, 23, Cindy Teats, 49, andShannon Audette, 29.

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