3 Questions for cocktail master Andres Sanchez

Andres Sanchez wasn’t kidding when he named his cocktail “The Diva”: This designer drink requires three kumquats for a garnish and prefers just-so fresh-squeezed lemon juice. “I use the freshest lemons I can find — not too ripe, not too green. It’s a pain in the a—, but it’s important,” says Sanchez, head mixologist at Positano Coast (212 Walnut St.). Tomorrow, he’ll be shaking them up at the South Beach Food & Wine festival’s cocktail competition. But before he hit the beach, we hit him up for some imbibing tips.

What makes a drink stand out?

I go with the seasons and try to use my local farmers around here. Mostly, I try to bring the kitchen to the bar.

You also use special ice. Is there an “ice recipe”?

We boil the water three or four times to eliminate the oxygen. And then when you chill it, you get this beautiful ice cube that doesn’t dissolve too easy.

What do you order?

I’m a very picky man. If I know who’s making it, I’ll drink it. But if not, I like something neat or on the rocks.


The Diva
You can shake one up at home, but good luck with that ice.

What’s in it

12 fresh raspberries
½ of an ounce of hibiscus rose syrup
2 ounces 4 Orange Vodka
½ ounce Crème De Framboise
¾ of an ounce fresh lemon juice
2 ounces Moet Rose by Moet Chandon

How to make it
Put raspberries and syrup in a shaker and muddle. Add lemon juice, vodka, Crème De Framboise and four or five ice cubes and shake. Add two ounces Moet and strain into a glass. Garnish with three kumquats and orange peel.

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