3 tips for flex employment

Be prepared before searching for a work-from-home or part-time job. Noelle Frieson of JobProsper on how to stand out at this weekend’s job fair.

Have a home office

“We tell people that they have to have their home office ready,” she says. “All of these companies are going to require that you have a computer, high-speed Internet and a land line.” If possible, she also recommends lining up a babysitter for young children.

Narrow down your prospects

As working remotely becomes more popular, it’s easy to get lost in the listings. “First, decide what kind of job you want to do, and what you’re really good at,” says Frieson. “If you narrow down what you’re looking for, it’ll make it easier.”

Go through reputable organizations

JobProsper screens the companies that attend their job fairs, only admitting those that have at least a B rating on file with the Better Business Bureau. Frieson also recommends established sites such as VIPdesk.com and Arise.com.

Who will be there?

Vendors at the JobProsper Job Fair include Verizon, Lane Bryant, Whole Foods, New Customer Service Corp., Securitas Securities, Any Art, Adecco Staffing, Prosperiti Public Relations and more.

Mentoring for success

To attract and retain great people, several things need to coalesce, and effective mentoring is a key element, says Harvard Business Review.

Here are three types of mentoring you should consider, as adapted from “Keeping Great People with Three Kinds of Mentors,” by Anthony Tjan.

Buddy or peer mentors

In the early stages of a person’s career, a “buddy” can help speed up the learning curve. This relationship helps the protege understand how things work at the organization.

Career mentors

After the initial period at a workplace, employees need to have a senior manager serve as a career advisor and advocate.

Life mentors

A life mentor serves as a periodic sounding board when one is faced with a career challenge. Organizations can’t necessarily offer a life mentor but they can encourage seeing one.

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