5 numbers to know about Eagles at 2017 halfway point

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The most important number to know about the Eagles is 7-1 — the best record in the NFL and three wins better than the Cowboys in the NFC East. But it’s not the only number you should know.

Here’s a look at some interesting stats to keep mindful of as Week 9 approaches:

33:37: The Eagles still possess the football more than any other team in the NFL, thanks in part to the most rushing attempts in the league. Which is certainly a recipe for winning.

7: Rushing first downs per game for the Eagles — the fourth best in football. With the Eagles confident both on the ground and through the air on all downs, from all distances, it makes it much harder for defenses to slow them down.

19: Carson Wentz leads the NFl with 19 passing touchdowns. Only three NFL QBs age 24-or-younger have thrown 19+ TDs and no more than five INTs through eight games: Wentz, Matthew Stafford in 2011 and Dan Marino in 1984.

3.9: Philly’s defense allows less than four third down conversions per game. That’s an impressive stat. In the top five among all NFL teams, getting the ball back for the offense is a defense’s main job.

70.4: The defense also allows the fewest rushing yards and rushing attempts per game of any NFL team. This is partially because with the fourth best scoring offense in the league, Philly has a lead and sees much more passing than running.

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