5 Questions with … Tommy Up

As the guy behind burger king PYT in the Piazza at Schmidt’s, Tommy Up is responsible for gracing Northern Liberties with booze-infused, candy-laced milkshakes. Making him, naturally, our summer hero. We caught up with him for some warm weather partying insight.

Why are milkshakes so much better with booze?

Milkshakes were fine when we were all kids, but now that we’re all grown up (but still kids on the inside) an Adult Shake with fine spirits really hits the spot.

The Piazza is totally going to get a pool, right?

I have been promised by Bart Blatstein, the Piazza’s creator, that we will indeed have a pool very soon. In my head, I see people tanning poolside next to an outdoor ping-pong table drinking frozen, blood-orange margaritas and hearing “Marco … Polo.”

If you’re not at PYT, where’s your favorite spot to grab a drink in the summer?

Sitting on my picnic bench in Northern Liberties with a six-pack of Pacifico from the Foodery.

Slip ’N Slides or water balloons?

Ohhh … Slip ’N Slide. That’s a great idea. We should get one at the Piazza.

True or false: Water ice would also be better with vodka.

True. We’ve been testing out a watermelon water ice and Patron tequila combo at PYT. We call it the Tijuana Snowball.

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