5 reasons the Eagles should be picked for HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ in 2017

Charles Mostoller

After the dust of NFL head coach firings, and the race for the playoffs has subsided, HBO’s annual behind the scenes look at a team’s training camp has been left with eight finalists: theRavens, Bears, Browns, Titans, Colts, Buccaneers, Eagles and Saints

The Eagles have never been the subject of the flagship NFL Films/HBO sports hybrid, fan favorite program, but if the decision-makers want to make the right choice, picking the team from Philadelphia is a no-brainer.

Philly can be forced to appear on the show, which would air toward the end of summer 2017.

Here’s five reasons why we’ll be hoping the NovaCare Complex is inundated with TV cameras this summer:

1. Personalities on defense

The list of future sports reality TV stars could include lively and outspoken linebacker Brandon Graham, superstar pass-rusherFletcher Cox, boldfaced leader safety Malcolm Jenkins and the spry and youthful budding turnover machine Jordan Hicks.

Many expect, with some cornerback help, the Eagles defense will make strides in 2017 under Jim Schwartz. Fans will fall even more in love with the defense once they spend time watching these unique personalities up close.

2. Jon Dorembos

​The guy is a genius, lets be honest. He was robbed in America’s Got Talent last year. Dorembos’ day job is as a one-time Pro Bowl long-snapper, but his night gig as a magician has brought him even more fame and notoriety and rightly so.

His back story is simply inspiring, and his presence in the Eagles’ locker room is truly one of a kind.

3. Carson Wentz

​Wentz is a prototypical quarterback personality. He spouts clinches, picks his spots and is a leader by example. He’s also got a very good sense of humor, and is as famous for his exploits on the field as he is for getting trapped in a rest stop bathroom and going hunting with Mike Trout. Heis brother moved with him to the “big city” from North Dakota to help him adjust.

The quarterback is on the precipice of becoming a pop culture superstar.

4. The Philly fans

Last season, the Rams fans came out in droves and appealed to William Hayes disbelief of dinosaurs but love for mermaids. The cool thing about Hard Knocks is that it is filmed and edited during the week that it airs, so fans can react in real time too.

With a city full of diehard Eagles fans, seeing what happens in the city this summer with wall-to-wall national coverage every week should be an interesting site to behold.

5. It’s actually not a kiss of death

Contrary to what many might believe, appearing on Hard Knocks is not season-ending sacrifice. Since the Ravens appeared in 2001, five teams from the program have made it to the playoffs during that same season, and three have actually won a playoff game. Though the Eagles may have a tough fight in the NFC East, history shows no disadvantage from being on the show — mostly because it focuses on the players and personalities, not on scheme and strategy.

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