5 reasons to check out ‘Nobody Died’

The Philadelphia comedy scene is full of terrific weekly and monthly shows. One such staple of the scene, “Nobody Died,” is a unique example of this, and audience response to its monthly offering is at a high. Local Philadelphia comedian Chris Wood, who co-hosts the event with fellow comic Brian Six, let us in on five reasons why audiences are responding so favorably to the show.

1. The show is full of the best comedic storytelling.

“We were coming back from some awful show in New Jersey telling funny stories we’ve known our whole life and thought, man this should be the show,” Wood says. “Comics tend to relax more on stage when they can just tell a story like they’re sitting at a bar with their buddies.”

2. The atmosphere is quite different from usual comedy showcases, for the onstage comedians and audiences alike.

“The reason everyone enjoys the show is because the tension of hoping a joke or premise you wrote hits with the audience, or you don’t remember a detail to a punchline, goes out the window,” Wood explains. “We create the atmosphere of just sitting around with friends telling our most hilarious stories.”

He adds “Plus, we always provide free beer, so that’s a draw as well.”

3. Each show has a different theme.

While traditional comedy showcases tend to be all over the place in terms of content, “Nobody Died” likes to rein in its talent with a solid theme for each one to explore in their own way. “The theme for the July 25 show is ‘Family,’”Wood says. “Up-and-coming comics and even established headliners step out of their normal routines to tell a story they’ve always told friends, family, and really anyone that’ll listen.”

4. The show is a traveling sensation! 

Just because you cannot get to a show in its home base of Philadelphia does not mean that you are totally out of luck. “We’ve already taken it to New Jersey, Delaware, and upstate New York,” Wood says. “Nobody Died” also makes its debut in the comedy hotbed of New York City in May at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. On July 12, they will be returning to New York City for a second offering.

5. You never know who will be at the show to tell a story.

“We booked the show at John & Peters in New Hope and the show went great, but at the end of the show, Dean Ween (of the alternative rock band Ween), who happened to be in the crowd the whole time, ended up getting on stage and telling a story about being ‘tuned up’ at a show 20 years ago,” Wood says. “It was pretty hilarious.”

Wood and Six will host the next installment of “Nobody Died” at the famed Helium Comedy Club in Center City on Wednesday, July 25 at 8 p.m., fresh off of their show in New York City. Tickets are just $15. The lineup includes an all-star cast of Philadelphia area comedians, including Nick Kupsey, John Moses, Mike Rainey, Mike Brooks and Peggy O’Leary.

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