5 things we know about Roy Halladay’s fatal plane crash

On Tuesday the sports world was devestated to learn that one of the best pitchers of the past two decades, Roy Halladay, perished in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday.

As heartfelt goodbyes and joyous remeberances continue to stream in, many are still trying to make sense of the sudden, seemingly out of nowhere death of a Phillies and Blue Jays legend.

Here are five things we know to be true about the accident that took Halladay’s life.

1. Halladay loved to fly

After he was unable to continue his baseball career due to lingering injuries, Halladay retired to spend time with his family but quickly found a new passion in flying. He was enthusiastic about getting his pilot’s licence and flew as often as he could after his baseball days wrapped in 2013.

2. The plane

Halladay was flying an Icon A5, a plane that was registered Monday — making it literally brand new. In just the second day Halladay was allowed to fly the plane he did and he was proud to own the plane, which he purchased a few weeks ago. The plane has the ability to land both in water and on land.

3. The cause

There was a recent to prior deadly crash with an Icon A5, a plane many called a “sports car with wings.” The National Transportation Safety Board said a May crash in California was likely due to pilot error. 

4. The video

According to TMZ, Halladay’s plane was showboating at the time of the crash. Which explains why it was found upside-down in the water. A video shows the plane going from 100 feet in the air down to 5 feet and then back up again in what was likely a terrifying accident. 

5. The aftermath

The search and rescue mission was quickly changed to a recovery one following the tragic end to Halladay’s life in the Gulf of Mexico, not far off the Florida coast. In the hours since his death, the city of Philadelphia and baseball communities have received an outpouring of support and love for his surviving sons and wife.

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