5 things you can’t miss at Beer Mansion

Brooklyn Brewery Mash presents Beer Mansion comes to Philly for 2017. | Provided

Don’t have plans this weekend and looking for something out of the ordinary to do? Mark your calendars for Brooklyn Brewery Mash presents Beer Mansion, an eclectic celebration for beer lovers featuring live music, beer from both Brooklyn Brewery and local breweries, food, tech and more. This year, the beer-centric party made stops in Brooklyn, London and Paris before its arrival in the City of Brotherly Love this month at The Woodlands Mansion & Cemetery. Here are five things you can’t miss if you go.

The Tasting Rooms

There will be four different tasting rooms at Beer Mansion. Tart of the Tropics will focus on sour ales and citrus-forward IPAs while The Forest gets earthier with hoppy lagers, American Brown ales and woodsy IPAs. Things get a little darker in The Darkness room, which features porters, stouts and black lagers. Finally, embrace a Brooklyn-style summer on The Stoop with  Kolschs, pilsners, blondes and table beers.

The Live Music

It wouldn’t be a party without some kickin’ live music and Brooklyn Brewery Mash has curated a bunch of local favorites to bring the heat. On Friday,  dreamy, psychedelic band The Orange Drop perform along with Philly rockers, Marge. On Saturday, pop-meets-psychedelia band Grubby Little Hands takes the stage along with punk band Mumblr. 

The Anatomy of a Beer

Science geeks who love to drink definitely can’t miss The Anatomy of a Beer room. In it, there will be a deconstructed tasting of Brooklyn Brewery favorite Kiwi’s Playhouse.  “We’ll be examining what makes the beer sour,” says event producer Chris Pena.  “When people think about sour beers, putting all the pieces together isn’t super easy.”

The Grub

With all that beer drinking you’ll be doing, you’ll definitely want to be balancing it out with good food. Thankfully, Eater has curated local culinary delights for your enjoyment which include bites from Bar Amis, Local 215 and Revolution Taco. Still hungry? Garden of Eatin’ will have a tortilla chip wall, which sounds pretty amazing. There will even be Lawless Beef Jerky and fine cheeses from DiBruno Brothers to nibble on.

The Games

Need something else to do besides drink, eat, converse and rock out to music?  New York University’s game center has you covered with  a bunch of AR and other techy games for guests to play with. You’ll be expanding your palate as well as your mind at this party.

If you go:
Brooklyn Brewery Mash presents Beer Mansion
Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12
Doors: 6 p.m., $65
The Woodlands Mansion & Cemetery
4000 Woodland Ave.

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