PHILADELPHIA. Bikecabs, or pedicabs, could get rolling in the city this weekend. Metro spoke with Ronn Ash, president of Philly Bikecab Alliance, which is working to obtain a more sustainable bike-friendly environment.

What do you expect of the pedicab industry in the first year?

The first year is about working with the Streets Department to ensure safe streets. We are currently in permitted streets, basically from Spring Garden St. to South St. and down to the

river. We are also waiting for a response from the public and residents and going off of their replies to the new service, and we can go from there.

What is the primary reason for opening this business?

It is better for the environment and for the economy; by using the pedicabs, there will be less pollution and people will be supporting a local and sustainable economy, including job stability. … It will increase foot and bike traffic, which enhances the retail economy, and also the less cars that we have on the road, the better the safety statistics will be.

How much do pedicab rides cost?

They are $1 per block per person with a $5 minimum. Pedicabs are safe, and although they cost a little bit more than cabs do, you get a better experience. We have a yearlong license, so we’ll be available whenever the weather is appropriate, even on mild days in the winter.

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