60 seconds with Toys for Tots

About a month before Christmas, gifts have been steadily coming into Metro’s Philadelphia office for Metro Magic. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Ricky Wilson talked to Metro about the Toys for Tots effort that benefits needy children in the Philadelphia area.

Last year was tough for many families given the economy. Did you see a difference in donations?

It’s kind of hard to say. Last year, it dropped by about 5,000 donations from the last few years.

About how many gifts did you distribute last year?

We distributed 25,745 donations to 6,170 children, so each child received about four toys.

How much does the average donated toy cost?

They range anywhere from $5 to $30, so I would say the average cost is about $15.

If a family is in need, how can they sign up to receive a gift?

I usually work with local organizations in the community that are affiliated with schools. Families that are in need of toys, they go through the local organizations. They register through the local organizations and the organizations will turn the paperwork in. We fill the orders and then the organization will then deliver the toys to the families.

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