6th District: Connections may decide race

While some of the other Council races have had a more gentle tone, the race to replace Joan Krajewski in the 6th District has had plenty of vitriol.

Both candidates have taken shots at the other, with Marty Bednarek blasting Bobby Henon for his involvement with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 and John Dougherty, and Henon blaming Bednarek in part for the School District of Philadelphia’s fiscal crisis.

Henon, political director of IBEW, said he does not expect his ties to Dougherty to hurt him. “Not in the least bit. I think it’s a desperate campaign resulting in desperate measures. I’ll put John Dougherty’s record up against Marty in the Northeast.”

Henon’s platform is to create jobs through propping up small businesses, which make up much of the district. On the issue of D.R.O.P., the city’s controversial pension program, Henon has vowed not to support anyone enrolled in the program for Council president.

Bednarek wants D.R.O.P. eliminated completely.

“The city simply can’t afford it anymore,” said Bednarek, president of family-owned Washington Savings Bank and former member of the School Reform Commission. “What we need to do is take a look at that and see if there’s something we can do for police and fire, but by eliminating D.R.O.P. see if we can add more police and firemen to make our city safer. I’d rather do that.”

Bednarek is also campaigning to help small businesses by reforming the tax structure.

Big backing

As expected, Henon’s ties have scored him endorsements and financing from all the big labor unions, former Gov. Ed Rendell, City Controller Alan Butkovitz and the city Democratic Party, but Bednarek insists he has more boots on the ground.

Bednarek has been endorsed by Mayor Michael Nutter, Krajewski, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.

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