7 reasons to go to the 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show

The 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show goes on for nine, fun-filled days of learning, riding and driving. | Provided

The Philadelphia Auto Show returns to the Pennsylvania Convention Center for its 116th year on Saturday, Jan. 27 to the delight of car fanatics everywhere.

“It’s one of the oldest auto shows in the world and is apart of the cultural fabric of Philadelphia,” says Kevin Mazzucola, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Auto Show. “Whether you’re five or 85, there’s something for you to enjoy.”

From getting to “ride and drive” some of the newest vehicles on the market to seeing famous Hollywood rides as well as supercars in the flesh, there’s so much to do, it’s no wonder that this show goes for nine days straight. Here are our top seven reasons on why you should go.

1. It’s the “Garage Mahal.”

Whether you’re in the market to buy a car soon or not, there’s no experience like the Philadelphia Auto Show. With 700 cars in 7,000 square feet, you can get up close and personal with each of these vehicles and get informed without being pressured to buy. “There’s no selling of cars at the Auto Show,” Mazzucola says. “And you don’t have to go dealer to dealer to see all of the cars you’re considering,” he adds. 

2. Test ride some of the newest cars on the market.

Until you get behind the wheel, it’s hard to be completely sure if a vehicle is right for you. At the Philadelphia Auto Show, attendees can sign up to “ride and drive” some of the newest vehicles on the market from BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Kia and Mazda. “The drives are outside the convention center,” Mazzucola says. “They’ll have someone with you when you go that can help answer questions about the vehicle and its attributes.”

3. Go on an adventure at Camp Jeep.

Big fan of Jeeps? You can test out the brand new 2018 Jeep Wrangler along with a number of other models on an indoor, off-road obstacle course. “Camp Jeep has different articulations of going up hills and driving across rocks,” Mazzucola says. “It’s been a highlight of the show the past two years.”

4. There will be a $2.7 million car on display.

The Philadelphia Auto Show has one of the largest collections of exotic, supercars and hypercars in the country and this year, highlights include a $2.7 million Bugatti Chiron. “According to some, it’s the most expensive, most luxurious car in the world,” Mazzucola explains. Along with Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, McLaren and more, you won’t want to miss seeing these beauties in real life. 

5. Check out famous Hollywood rides.

There are a number of iconic vehicles that will be on display from film and television, including the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, The A-Team Van, K.I.T.T. from “Knight Rider” as well as some of Vin Diesel’s rides from the “Fast and the Furious” series. “It was a hit last year and it’s something that everyone who comes to the show checks out,” Mazzucola says.

6. Take a walk down memory lane with classic cars.

The Philadelphia Auto Show is known for its classic vehicles and what’s interesting is that it’s not the manufacturers bringing them to the show. “It’s local classic car groups and we’re fortunate in our area to have some of the best car clubs in the country,” Mazzucola says. Simeone Foundation in South Philly, The Antique Automobile Club of America, The Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey and the Classic Auto Mall all contributed vehicles to this year’s show.

7. Proceeds from your ticket go to charity.

In 2004, the Philadelphia Auto Show started its own foundation and one part of its giving back initiatives is “Driving Away the Cold.” “Two dollars from every Philadelphia Auto Show ticket helps provide brand new coats to children in need in the Philadelphia area,” Mazzucola says.

If you go:

The 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show
Jan. 27 to Feb. 4, 2018
The Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St.
$14 (Adults 13+)
$7 (Children 7-12)

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