76ers fighting NBA idea for draft lottery changes

The 76ers are objecting “strongly” to the NBA’s plans for draft lottery reform, according to ESPN.

“Tanking” (i.e. fielding a team capable of losing a lot of games) was the Sixers’ modus operandi in 2013-14 and it seemingly worked. In one of the more talent-laden NBA drafts in years, Philly landed a potentially franchise altering center in Joel Embiid.

However, Embiid will miss a large chunk – if not the entire 2014-15 season – for the Sixers and the plan for this upcoming season will likely read the same as it did this past season. Philly will want to continue to lose games in order to obtain another high draft pick that it can use or trade.

The NBA is indirectly looking to change Philly’s plans. The league wants to alter its lottery system in order to prevent teams from “tanking” so blatantly. In the new format that has been proposed, most teams in the lottery would have an equal chance at landing the top pick.

The Sixers came under fire during the 2013-14 season as many perceived the franchise for exploiting the current rules.

"I think the season has been a huge success for us," 76ers owner Josh Harris told ESPN in April. "All these pieces are in place to make this an elite team that will compete consistently for the NBA championship. There are no shortcuts to it. Unfortunately, it takes a long time. I'm really happy with the progress."

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