9 things to do in Philadephia this weekend



Striking Matches

Saturday, 8 p.m.

World Cafe Live

3025 Walnut St.

$20, 215-222-1400


Striking Matches are the boy-girl duo of Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis, who perform a mix of country, blues and rock that tends toward the country end of the triad. With strong songwriting and harmonies, they achieve a classic, rootsy sound that pop-minded ears can get behind. Their debut, “Nothing but the Silence,” produced by T-Bone Burnett, dropped this March.


Animal Grossology

Through August 30

Academy of Natural Sciences

1900 BenFranklin Pkwy.

$16, 215-299-1000


This exhibition, based on the children’s book series “Grossology” by Sylvia Branzei, delights in revealing some of the more nauseating facts of the animal kingdom, with 3-D models and hands-on activities. It’s definitely geared towards kids, but adults should find enough here to stay intrigued. Did you know slug slime may be able to help scientists treat cystic fibrosis? Neither did we!



Through June 27

Arden Theatre Company

40 N. 2nd St.

$36-$50, 215-922-1122


Arden Theatre Company presents this Stephen Sondheim musical, which saw its Broadway debut in 1994. Our hero is an Italian army captain at a backwater outpost who falls in love with an epileptic girl, the daughter of his commanding officer, engaging in a romance with her despite both her illness and the fact that he has a sweetheart back home in Milan.


‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’

Friday, 9 p.m.

Kimmel Center

300 S. Broad St.

$15, 215-893-1999


Flipping out over “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” is almost a movie- buff cliche — witness a recent sketch on “Portlandia” for an example — but it’s not without reason. The 1920 German expressionist masterpiece is truly unique: A silent mind-twister with a creepy, surreal vibe that still looks radical. Accompanied by a classic, live organ soundtrack, it’ll be presented in ideal form.

‘Full Measure of Devotion’

Thursday and Sunday

Venice Island Performing Arts Recreation Center

1 Rector St.

Free, john@roxbrofilms.com


This documentary looks into the rarely explored world of Civil War re-enactors, focusing on a local group called Cooper’s Battery B. Why do these men, of diverse age and background, devote so much of their free time to reliving a national trauma, the deadliest war ever fought on American soil? If you’re interested in finding out, RSVP to the email address above.


{De} Perception: Live Art and Music

Friday, 8 p.m.

Painted Bride Art Center

230 Vine St.

$15-$30, 267-809-3668


Composer Kinan Abou-Afach and digital artist Ayman Alalao have come together to create this show, promising to “deconstruct your perception of traditional art and the contemporary Arab-American experience.”


Philadelphia International Tango Festival

Thursday through Sunday

Christ Church Neighborhood House

20 N. American St.



This four-day festival features tango concerts, workshops, a special talk on the history of tango, plenty of chances to dance yourself and even yoga classes. Whether you’re deep into the tango universe, or you’re just looking for a sexy new hobby, there will be something for you here.


Timothy Belknap: So Go the Humans

Through Sunday

Vox Populi

319 N. 11th St.

Free, 215-238-1236


While most people today accept the Darwinian idea that humans are a species of ape, we still cling to the idea that there’s something unique that separates us from all other animals. But is there, really? That’s the question Timothy Belknap is asking with this installation, featuring a group of marionettes meant to blur the distinction between human and nonhuman.


Aspergers Are Us

Friday, 3 p.m.

Mitchell Auditorium

3128 Market St.

Free, 215-571-3401


This foursome, the subject of an upcoming documentary film, is the world’s first sketch comedy troupe whose members have all been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Fans of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and “The Kids in the Hall” will dig their gleefully weird comedic style.

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