A bigger War on Drugs?

It might come as a surprise to most people who have heard The War on Drugs’ ambient space rock, but main man Adam Granduciel was — or maybe still is — a big U2 fan.

“‘The Joshua Tree’ is probably one of my favorite albums of all time,” says the 32-year-old Philadelphia-based artist.

He had spent the previous day running around New York City doing promo for WOD’s album “Slave Ambient,” which was to be released a week later. Rave reviews and more media attention means he’s becoming very busy and “slightly overwhelmed,” he confesses. Could he imagine being as big as U2?

“It’s funny, because we were just talking about what it would be like to be big enough to have a bus, like what we’d have in the bus,” he says. “We thought we’d have a basketball hoop, like a Nerf basketball.”

What would they have in the fridge we wonder.

“Well, I really like to cook, so I’d have eggs and maybe make breakfast for us all. We’d have French press coffee. I’d have a crock-pot for touring in winter.”

Hardly the booze and excess of most rock ’n’ roll fantasies.

“We’ve done the booze tours and I like to think I’d still get a little crazy on the tour bus,” he concludes.

Once a Violator …

With the War on Drugs so busy with this much-buzzed about album, Granduciel will have little time to play in his pal Kurt Vile’s band, the Violators.

“It’s nice to go on tour with Kurt for three weeks and rock out and then come home and play music that has more … space. I just missed his European tour, because we had a tour. We’ve played on each other’s songs for so long.”

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