A glass-half-full take on gas prices

Earth Day 2011 is upon us, and gas prices seem to be rising by the day. With AAA reporting the national average for a gallon at a whopping $3.85, Philadelphia University professor Chris Pastore says that the raise in gas prices might have a silver lining.

Pastore hosts a weekly radio show called “Ecoman and the Skeptic” with fellow Philadelphia University professor Rob Fleming during which they “engage, educate and entertain” listeners on topics of sustainability.

“I think, from a sustainability point of view, the higher gas prices have had a positive impact because it is making people realize how important gasoline is,” said Pastore, who’s supposed to be the skeptical half of the popular duo.

High gas prices, if translating into less people driving, would be better for the planet.

Pastore also mentions a few other things that readers can do to help go green this Earth Day. Insulating your roof and switching to new LED light bulbs are two things that can make big differences in conserving energy.

“I think people are going to find that going green can mean saving money. It can be a very smart thing to do,” Pastore said.

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