A healthy grab-and-go breakfast that doesn’t suck

Salad for breakfast? Why not! | Provided
Salad for breakfast? Why not! | Provided

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s probably also the most stressful given how rushed mornings can be — especially during the workweek.

SNAP Kitchen just added three new breakfast items to their solid lineup of healthy food options for people on the go, and they’re all super tasty.

“It had been over two years since we launched breakfast so wanted to introduce something new,” says SNAP Kitchen’s Regional Brand Manager, Shaady Ghadessy. “We understand that our guests are busier than ever and we know that when pressed to make a healthy breakfast decision, sometimes people don’t make the best choices and will turn to sugary cereal or just coffee.”

Say goodbye to the mid-morning sugar crash and say hello to feeling like a superhero.

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

This was probably my favorite item off the breakfast menu because it can even serve as a satisfying lunch. Not only is it super portable (ate it while walking the other day), it’s also paleo-friendly. The bun is baked fresh, made of almond flour, coconut flour, egg, extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar and, believe it or not, cauliflower. (Get those veggies in wherever you can!) In between the bun is a turkey sausage patty made in-house and topped with egg whites for extra protein.


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Superfood Sunrise Salad

At first I was like, “Salad for breakfast? Ew!” Once I tried it and noticed how fresh I felt, however, I was converted to the breakfast salad club. A baby spinach base is topped with roasted butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, fresh blueberries, purple cabbage and an over easy cage-free egg. You can even top it with their strawberry pecan vinaigrette to add a little pop of color (and tangy taste) to your morning.


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Breakfast Platter

Just finished a workout and want something really substantial that feels kind of naughty (but isn’t)? Go for the Breakfast Platter, made with a cage-free egg scramble that’s half egg whites and half whole eggs. It comes with antibiotic-free pork sausage that’s free of nitrates and sugar, as well as house-made cheesy cauliflower grits. Yum!


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