A.I. the answer to Sixers’ problems?

General manager Ed Stefanski said it wasn’t going to happen. The Sixers were building toward something with youth. There was no way they would bring in free agent Allen Iverson.

Well, never say never. According to Stephen A. Smith, the Sixers are “seriously considering” bringing back Iverson.

Coach Eddie Jordan admitted that Iverson is among the free agents that the Sixers are discussing before last night’s 97-89 loss in San Antonio.

The Sixers are likely considering how much Iverson could help their attendance, which currently ranks 29th in the NBA.

Then there’s the basketball issue.

With Lou Williams (broken jaw) out for eight weeks, rookie Jrue Holiday is getting much-needed experience.

Why send Holiday to the bench in favor of a 34-year-old gunner?

And what happens when Williams returns? Playing Williams and Iverson side-by-side is unrealistic, at best.

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