A smoking hot Thanksgiving

If there’s one thing that chef Erin O’Shea seems to love, it’s staying busy — no matter the special occasion. The pitmaster and co-owner of Percy Street Barbecue just celebrated her restaurant’s third birthday with a party that included live music, killer barbecue and, of course, a birthday cake. While the restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving, O’Shea will be busy whipping up Southern-style takeaway feasts — starring smoked turkey — for lucky customers.

How have you seen South Street change over the last three years?

It keeps evolving and attracting a really cool group of people. There’s Hot Diggity, Brauhaus and Supper. Not all of that was here when we moved in. We’re developing a nice community here.

The big question: How many turkeys will you have to make for Thanksgiving?

At least 50.

After all that, do you go home and cook a holiday meal?

Fortunately, I go to my mother’s, and she knows that I’m making a ton of dinners. She’s super sweet. I’ll get to her place and she’ll throw me on the couch and tell me not to move.

Do you find that a lot of places are open on Thanksgiving?

I feel like there are more places staying open, like chains and hotel places. Supper, too — they’re open. They do a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. They’ve created traditions around that, which is cool.

Do you have any Philly traditions that you do?

You know, I can’t say that there’s any major thing that I have to make sure happens for me each year. I just try to work really hard — that’s my tradition.

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