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You’re in need of a summer body workout if you’re still schlepping around the hot and humid city in your winter body. While fitness goals are different for everyone, feeling energetic, confident and strong are universal wants. With summer being filled with so many fun outdoor activities, you want to be beaming from the inside out to make the most of them, and getting in shape is a great way to do that.

But how long does it take to reach summer body status?


“With discipline and vigorous exercising, changes can be seen within a couple weeks,” says personal trainer Hector Bones of PrivatGym. “The first physical changes can really be noticed after six weeks or so. What you’ll notice first is higher energy levels, better mood and more alertness. We want to feel good, not just look good.”


Bones also reveals that a summer body workout is not enough to get results — you need to eat well, too.

“When it comes to diet, it’s important to remember that we eat (hopefully) three to five times per day, and we exercise (hopefully) once. But you can never workout a bad diet,” he says. “To put it in perspective, people that run a marathon only burn about 2500 calories. With summer around the corner, the obvious changes are to stay hydrated, eat whole foods and exercise daily.”

But don’t go writing off that cheat day ice cream cone just yet — it’s all about balance. Luckily, regular exercise also raises your metabolism.

“Exercise plays a key role in boosting metabolism,” Bones says. “With a higher metabolism, your body is burning more calories while sleeping, breathing, and all activities of daily living.”


So what inspired Bones to become a personal trainer?

“I always enjoyed sports and exercise. It was my outlet whenever I didn’t know how to express myself,” he says. “Mad, sad, frustrated — I knew that everything in the world could be made right while working up a sweat. I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist, but working one-on-one with individuals and seeing them get stronger, more confident and get results is what keeps my fire going.”

And Bones also reminds us that staying in shape should be a goal all year round — not just when bikini season is here.

“We have to remember that staying in shape and healthy is a marathon, not a sprint,” he says. “Whether you would like to lose 20 lbs or gain 10 lbs of muscle, it is something you must consistently work towards. Make smart goals. Also, find someone to hold you accountable — whether it be a friend, a personal trainer or a loved one.”

To help get you started, Bones has put together a summer body workout routine for Metro readers.


(3 x 15 reps each)

1. Air Squats

2. Push-ups off knees

3. Plank for 30 seconds

4. Side-lying hip abduction

5. Walking lunges

6. Leg-lifts

Finish it up by walking at brisk pace for 15 minutes.


(5 x 15 reps each)

1. Jump Squats

2. Walk-outs with a push-up

3. Plank for 60 seconds

4. Burpees

5. Bridges

6. V-ups

Run for 20 yards, walk for 20 yards and repeat ten times. 

For more information on PrivatGym, visit: privatgym.com.


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