A Super Bowl breakfast treat fit for champions

Waffatopia has a special #FlyEaglesFly waffle for the Super Bowl. | Provided

With the Super Bowl less than two weeks away, Philadelphia Eagles fans are already putting plans into place to make the day even more special.

But have you thought about what you’re eating for breakfast?

Enter Conshohocken-based Waffatopia, who’s getting into the Super Bowl spirit by making a special edition waffle for The Eagles called #FlyEaglesFly.

The mint chocolate Belgian Liege-style caramelized waffle is available for a limited time and is the sweet, green creation of owners Brian and Andrea Polizzi.

“There’s no question we’ve been Eagles fans for as long as we both can remember,” says Brian Polizzi.  “We couldn’t forget the disappointment the first time we went up against the New England Patriots and lost only by a few points! Now, with an opportunity for redemption, (and a waffle business), we can help cheer on our Philadelphia Eagles with our very special mint chocolate chip waffle, of course inspired by the white, black and green colors of the Eagles’ uniforms.”

Belgian chocolate chips are mixed into Waffatopia’s brioche-style Liege waffle dough, with a dash of peppermint and Belgian pearl sugar.

“These will also be great for a morning grab-n-go with a cup of hot chocolate, or even better as a green and white ‘Eagles Sundae’ with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce,” adds Andrea Polizzi.

#FlyEaglesFly waffles are currently available with free shipping on the Waffatopia website, but you can also pick them up in person at their Waffary in Conshohocken.

For more information, visit: waffatopia.com.

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