Alleged crossbow killer’s ex-wife had restraining order


Paul Kuzan, who allegedly killed his newlywed wife with a crossbow Sunday, was also dealing with court issues with his previous wife.

Kuzan, 40, had traveled to Carbon County, Pennsylvania on Friday, when a judge granted a six-month extension on a restraining order his ex-wife had filed on June 13 for herself and her two children, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Richard Orr, his ex-wife’s father, told the Inky that he was certain Kuzan would try to kill his daughter and granddaughter after the ruling.

“I know the man – that’s why I sat my daughter down at my kitchen table Friday night [after the hearing] and told her that somebody is going to be killed, because I knew this man was going to go off,” Orr said. “I never imagined he’d go off on his wife. This I still can’t believe.”

Orr said he called the Northeast Philly Eighth Police District, and told them he believed his ex-son-in-law had weapons in the home and was dangerous. They directed him tothe Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office, which didn’t respond.

Even still, police said there was nothing they could do.

“If someone says so-and-so has a weapon at his house, what can I do by law?” Sheriff’s Office Capt. Vernon Muse said. “You can’t go into someone’s house and take their weapon. …We have no legal grounds to search his house –that would be totally illegal.”

Two days later, Kuzanhad pointed his weapon at Pamela Nightlinger, a 42-year-old woman he had married on June 17.

Around 9:19 p.m. Sunday, neighbors said they saw Kuzan naked and shouting, “She’s the devil” after shooting Nightlinger.

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