Alleged Montco fentanyl dealer charged with causing OD

An alleged heroin dealer is facing charges that he caused the death of a 39-year-old Plymouth man.

Adam Paravati, 37, of Norristown, is charged with drug delivery resulting in death for allegedly selling “fentanyl analogs,” combos of drugs including fentanyl but sold as heroin, to Gregory Poper, who ODed in September.

“Gregory Poper died from being poisoned,” Montco DA Kevin Steele said in a statement. “Dealers delivering poison right to the doors of Montgomery County residents, preying upon those suffering from the disease of addiction, should think twice about coming over our borders.”

Poper was found deceased in a residence on Red Rowan Lane on Sept. 18 along with 11 blue paper bags, which had reportedly contained white powder.

Police say based on text messages they found that Paravati had allegedly texted with Poper and agreed to pick up cash from his vehicle, which was parked out front in the driveway, and leave the drugs inside.

“Take it easy on that, it’s good,” Paravati allegedly warned Poper about the drugs in a text after the sale, a sign, prosecutors said, that he knew he sold a “more potent substance” than regular heroin.

Using the dead man’s phone, law enforcement quickly set up a sting to snare the dealer who sold the victim the fatal dose.

“Detectives arranged for Paravati to deliver more drugs to Mr. Poper by placing them in his vehicle,” the Montco DA’s office said in a statement.

When Paravati arrived, he was arrested, allegedly in possession of fourteen blue paper bags. They later tested positive for fentanyl and other drugs.

Poper’s OD was caused by a combination of fentanyl, 3-methylfananyl, heroin, amphetamine and methadone, the coroner found.

Paravati’s arrest marked the eighth arrest so far in 2017 on a drug delivery resulting in death charge in Montco.

“More arrests are in the works,” Steele said in his statement.

Paravati’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 30.

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