Allen Iverson’s wife wants list of women he slept with

Allen Iverson is still making headlines — only for all the wrong reasons.

The former Sixers guard was recently in the news for reportedly being broke … so broke, in fact, that an indoor soccer team offered him a contract.

Now, Iverson’s divorce is turning ugly as his ex-wife, Tawanna, has filed court documents asking Iverson to turn over the names of all the girls he fooled around with while the two were in wedded bliss.

(As an aside, our first stop on the Allen Iverson love trail would be a trip down City Ave. to check with the waitresses at TGI Friday’s and/or Houlihan’s)

When Tawanna originally filed for divorce, in June 2011, she told TMZ that it had “nothing to do with another woman.”

For a quick history lesson on Allen and Tawanna, we turn back the clock to July 2002. That’s when Iverson was charged with criminal trespassing and carrying an unlicensed gun following an argument with Tawanna. The incident concluded — reportedly — with Allen kicking his naked wife out of the house.

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