Alternative learning: Noncredit classes at Temple

One in seven college grads in the Philadelphia region went to Temple University; but even they may not be aware of the wide variety of noncredit classes the school offers.

“We serve people of all ages, because learning never ends,” says Rhonda Geyer, director of noncredit programs at Temple.

The great thing about noncredit classes is that there are no exams or grades. “It’s a way to explore new interests without pressure,” Geyer explains. “People can pursue their passions and learn new skills — plus meet new people who share their interests. It’s a kind of social networking, in the old sense,” she laughs.

Many who take one noncredit class end up taking more. Some take the same class, like yoga or Rumba, multiple times. Others retake classes that tackle new topics or skills every term, like language classes and book discussion groups. Still others enjoy the opportunity to sample a variety of interests, taking flower arrangement one term and drawing the next.

“We also offer noncredit versions of some of our certificate and degree programs,” Geyer says, “especially on our Ambler campus. People take a noncredit horticultural or landscape design class for fun, then end up taking credit courses.” This can be the route to a second career.

Most of Temple’s noncredit classes are at the Ambler and Fort Washington campuses.

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