Ambler Theater’s Little Lebowski Fest celebrates the superhero slacker

Nearly 15 years after the release of “The Big Lebowski,” The Dude has abided longer than perhaps anyone could have expected. The Coen Brothers’ cult classic has inspired gatherings of avid fans for over a decade, including the Ambler Theater’s Little Lebowski Fest, celebrating its sixth year tomorrow.

“This is one of our signature events of the summer and one of the things that we really look forward to every year,” says Chris Collier, the Ambler’s director of special programs. “We started showing ‘Lebowski’ a number of years ago and quickly realized how many people love this film.”

Not affiliated with the national Lebowski Fests, the Ambler’s annual event features a costume competition, trivia and prizes. Those who opt for “Achiever tickets” will also receive a 2012 Little Lebowski Fest T-shirt and a complimentary White Russian in order to follow in The Dude’s slipper-clad footsteps.

“It’s one of those films where almost every line is quotable and sticks in your mind,” says Collier of the movie’s lasting, mass appeal. “The hero is an amazing slacker and everyone can kind of relate to that. You don’t have to be a superhero to save the day — you can just be a normal dude.”

If you go

Little Lebowski Fest

Tomorrow, 7 p.m.

Ambler Theater

108 E. Butler Ave.


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