An Occupy Philly Wedding

Occupy Philly members Alicia Nauss, 24, and Adam Hill, 27, who met while staffing the camp’s information tent, were married today in a ceremony at the lower level of Dilworth Plaza.

“We’ve both been here since day one,” said Nauss. “I think being in a situation where you’re with someone 24/7 does progress a relationship faster than a traditional setting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Nauss wore a gown given to her by a friend and carried flowers donated by a wholesale company that gives supplies to the food tent. Occupiers also prepared food and baked a wedding cake. “We don’t need a lot and we’re not asking a lot,” Nauss said. “We’re just calling on the community to support us and the movement.”

The ceremony was officiated by Baptist minister and fellow Occupier Michael Pierce, who wore a cowboy hat and sunglasses. The bride processed down the steps of Dilworth Plaza unaccompanied, as her family was in Virginia and unable to attend. “They’re 100 percent supportive and I know Adam’s family is too,” Nauss said. Hill’s two brothers served as his best men.

Onlookers cheered from the plaza’s upper level as the couple exchanged vows and wedding bands.

And for a honeymoon? The two will naturally be touring other Occupy camps. “We’re looking at Boston, Wall Street, Baltimore, D.C., and definitely Norristown – that’s where Adam’s from,” Nauss said. “We’re going to visit wherever we can on the East Coast.”

See photos and video of the wedding here.

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