Angelo Cataldi: Eagles have big dreams, and big mouths

LeSean McCoy has been particularly outspoken this offseason. Credit: Getty Images LeSean McCoy has been particularly outspoken this offseason. Credit: Getty Images

The Eagles have bigger dreams than ever now that Chip Kelly has taken as coach. And one other thing has gotten bigger in the past 18 months – their mouths.

In the first few days of training camp, running back LeSean McCoy informed ex-Cowboys great Michael Irvin that “I own Dallas.” Meanwhile, Cary Williams announced that there’s “no question I’m in the same class as the best corners in the league.”

Even before this, McCoy had gone on a tour of sports shows proclaiming himself the best running back in the NFL – yes, better than Adrian Peterson. McCoy even offered statistics to back up his claim that he is more versatile than the iconic Minnesota runner.

What all of this boasting is good for is anybody’s guess. One positive theory is that McCoy and Williams will raise their games to meet their mouths, that confidence like this breeds improvement. One negative theory is that the Eagles, after one good season, are already full of themselves.

Well, as a long-time talk-show host who profits greatly from this kind of bluster, let me break the tie. What McCoy and Williams are doing is only going to raise the stakes on an already challenging season. It’s counter-productive.

Every defender will try a little harder to stop McCoy now, and especially the Cowboys. As for Williams, who had a mediocre first year with the Eagles in 2013, he can expect receivers to run with more purpose, and stretch a little farther for a pass, just to prove him wrong.

What’s that? Now Williams is calling Bill Belichick a cheater? Enough, already. Even though the Eagles cornerback is right, this is a perfect time for him – and his teammates – to start playing football and stop talking smack.

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