Angelo Cataldi: Ray Rice suspension brings out NFL’s worst

Ray Rice girlfriend wife Ray Rice and his wife apologized for the incident from February in May.
Credit: Getty Images

Ray Rice punched his girlfriend in the face, knocking her unconscious, and then dragged her limp body out of a casino elevator. There is no other interpretation for what the Ravens running back did because surveillance cameras captured the latter part of this outrageous act of domestic abuse.

You can see it for yourself, right now, on the Internet.

For this horrific behavior, Rice received a two-game suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who issued the ruling last week after a study of the tape and interviews with Rice and his now-wife, Janay. Somehow, the most powerful man in sports decided that beating up a woman is worth half as much time on the sidelines as taking a banned substance.

Welcome to the NFL justice system, a perfect reflection of the arrogance and hypocrisy of America’s most popular sport. Only the NFL would be so soulless as to pull its own punch after what Rice did. Only the all-powerful NFL would even think it could get away with it — which, apparently, it has. So far, there hasn’t been a peep of public protest.

Where are the pressure groups now? Is this issue less important than the name of Washington’s team? Where are the feminists on this appalling issue?

Go watch the video of Rice swinging around a defenseless women like a ragdoll. And then try — just try — to feel good about the NFL and Goodell.

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