Angelo Cataldi: The Sixers have a plan… a bad plan

Nerlens Noel has been impressive in the Orlando Summer League, particularly on the defensive end. Credit: Getty Images Nerlens Noel has been impressive in the Orlando Summer League, particularly on the defensive end. Credit: Getty Images

The Sixers had the second-worst record in the NBA last season, but they lead the league right now in chutzpah. They actually had the audacity last week to complain to the league office about new draft lottery rules that would diminish the reward for tanking games.

Imagine that. New commissioner Adam Silver is trying to protect the very foundation of sports – the notion that every team, every game, is trying to win – and the Sixers are crying foul. Well, no one ever accused owner Joshua Harris or GM Sam Hinkie of thinking logically.

Unfortunately, a lot of Sixers fans who have embraced the unorthodox approach of these carpetbaggers will soon be in for a major disappointment. Hinkie’s plan of stockpiling top draft picks and then insuring more of the same by picking injured and foreign players is doomed to failure regardless of whether the NBA changes it rules.

It is an idiotic plan whose appeal is based solely on its novelty. Injured players tend to get injured again, and foreign players often are not nearly as impressive in America. Above all, tanking – losing games and sacrificing seasons – is an affront to the very spirit of competition.

Sixers fans deserve better ideas and better people than the ones currently running their team, but – sadly – many Sixer zealots are so desperate that they have embraced a plan being executed by snake-oil salesmen profiting from Philadelphia’s passion.

Bravo to the NBA and Adam Silver for seeing the Sixers management team for the frauds that they are, and for acting against them. The sooner that fans realize the truth about Joshua Harris and Sam Hinkie, the better.

Idle thoughts

  • Baltimore has always been a spineless sports city, but the ovation that Ravens fans gave last week for admitted domestic abuser Ray Rice was a low point, even for those pathetic fans. What kind of message did that prolonged cheer send to the next generation of athletes? And where are the feminists? Why are they still silent on this horrific story?
  • Buffalo radio stations have banned the music of Bon Jovi because they believe the lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi, will move the Bills to Toronto if he wins the bidding for the franchise. Yeah, that should prevent the billion-dollar deal. Brilliant plan.
  • The Flyers will induct Eric Lindros, John LeClair and Eric Desjardins into their Hall of Fame next season, thereby confirming that, after nearly 40 years, they have finally run out of players to honor from their two Stanley Cup teams.
  • Is it OK yet to blame the Phillies medical staff for screwing up Cliff Lee? First, the training staff cleared him to pitch with a sore arm, and now he’s done for the season after trying to pitch through the discomfort again last week. When GM Ruben Amaro Jr. leaves, he should take all the doctors and trainers with him.
  • Ryan Howard has made a deal to sell his $2.95-million Montgomery County home. In other words, his house was easier to unload than he is.

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