Angelo Cataldi: Will we ever know the truth about DeSean Jackson?

DeSean Jackson DeSean Jackson will get to torment his former team twice a season.
Credit: Getty Images

DeSean Jackson, the lovable former Eagles wide receiver, tried one more time last week to explain the mysterious circumstances surrounding his exit, but ultimately he just made the situation even more confusing.

In an interview with DJ Skee in Los Angeles, Jackson said, “Everybody in the locker room loved me, you feel me?” Oh, we feel you, DeSean. But that doesn’t mean we understand what happened to you – especially now that LeSean McCoy has offered some strong words of support, expressing his admiration for Jackson as a teammate and his own initial shock at the decision.

So far, trying to understand Jackson’s departure has been a process of eliminating some obvious theories. Most fans now agree his gang connection was a story with intrigue, but not much basis in fact. And his inconsistency, especially in the bigger games, is a non-issue, too, when you consider all of the other veterans who came up short. Now, we can add the fact that he was not the diva he seemed to be – at least in the eyes of some of his teammates.

Until further notice, this is what Eagles fans feel about the DeSean Jackson mystery: He was a terrific player, beloved by all, with no gang ties, at the height of his Pro Bowl career. And then he got cut by one of the smartest people in the NFL.

In other words, there is no logical reason why Jackson is not still a member of the Eagles. Will we ever really know the truth?

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