Anna Castagna: Charged with murder in antifreeze poisoning of grandmother-in-law

Murder charges are being filed against a New Jersey woman who allegedly poisoned her husband’s grandmother with antifreeze.

The victim, 88-year-old Mary Groatman, died Thursday after being removed from life support. Anna Castagna, 43, of Brooklawn, N.J., is accused of giving Groatman the deadly substance.

Prosecutors said Castagna served as caregiver for her husband’s grandmother and that the three of them lived together in Brooklawn. Recently, Groatman was moved to a rehab facility after suffering a fall. According to prosecutors, Castagna went to visit Groatman on Sunday and “caused her to ingest antifreeze.”

Groatman was later found unconscious and taken to Underwood Memorial Hospital, where tests significant levels of chemicals in antifreeze in her system. After a few days on life support, Groatman died Thursday.

Prosecutors said an investigation showed that Castagna had researched the effects of ingesting antifreeze and had purchased the toxic substance before visiting Groatman.

Castagna is being held on $250,000 bail.

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