Anxious Worley isn’t used to watching from bench

It isn’t easy for Vance Worley to sit. After having a loose body and a bone spur removed from his right elbow last month, Vanimal’s season is over. Worley is used to playing baseball, not watching it, going back to his childhood in Northern California. Since Worley played so much, he didn’t follow a major league team or have favorite players.

“I would just watch highlights,” Worley said. “I was so busy being out on the field, I just didn’t have time for it. That was something kids, who didn’t play did, I guess. I just was so consumed with performance that I just ignored what was happening pitch to pitch. But I did make time for highlights, since highlights aren’t very long anyway.”

While friends cheered for the Giants or A’s, he was looking the other way.

“The Giants are huge where I’m from [Sacramento],” Worley said. “Many of my friends were fans. Most friends and those in my family love the Giants. Maybe it’s good I was never a fan since when I pitch against the Giants, they’re just another team.”

But Worley can see how kids, even those that play baseball competitively during their teen years, can be into teams and players. Worley wasn’t down with it a decade ago, but he collects autographed balls and admires what his peers can do.

“You can’t help but admire what some of these guys who are not on your team do,” Worley said. “So I’ll get some balls autographed. It’s cool. Baseball is a fun game. That goes if you’re in your teens or playing it like I am.”

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