Anyone Can Code This Year With Penguin Coding School


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Penguin Coding School

The school year is weeks away, and parents are looking for online classes to fill in that gap time when remote learning is done or to add to their children’s curriculum for the year.

With a mission that Anyone Can CodePenguin Coding teaches essential STEM skills with opportunities for creativity. Both science-oriented and humanities-oriented kids can enjoy the endless possibilities of coding. Penguin Coding believes everyone should code, not only for future career opportunities, but so they understand how today’s world is being shaped by the people who are coding our infrastructure, arts, government, and social lives.

How it Works:

  • Penguin Coding School teaches kids and teens grades 1-12 coding online in live, real-time small intimate classes with a teacher and an assistant
  • Comprehensive year-round curriculum for Scratch, Javascript/HTML, Java, and Python with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for all programming languages
  • Free trial classes are available throughout the year to place students in the appropriate class and level

The Benefits of Taking a Penguin Coding Class:

  • Coding makes screen time creative and constructive
  • Kids learn to debug a problem by trial and error
  • Kids are constantly motivated to learn more to create exciting new projects — as an example, students as young as 5 years old have been able to stay focused and motivated on their coding for an hour without any assistance from parentsWhy Penguin Coding School Online:
    • Penguin Coding teachers are professional school teachers, software developers, and college computer science students with a passion for teaching kids
    • Penguin Coding prioritizes the teaching experience with children when choosing their instructors
    • Penguin Coding teachers receive great reviews from both kids and parents for their patience, energy and ability to motivate kids to work on their projects on their own

    To learn more go to Penguin Coding Schoolfree trial classes are happening now!

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