Aramingo Carpet & Flooring takes the meaning of family business to a new level

Aramingo Carpet

Aramingo Carpet is a family business-not just because they have most of their family working there- simply because they treat everyone like family. Owner Ken Stern believes that the way to run his business is to treat everyone with respect.

Aramingo Carpet & Flooring takes the meaning of family business to a new level 

“Treat people the way you expect to be treated. You want to treat everyone fair and give them the best price possible. Customer service is really number one,” Stern says.

With customer service being their first priority, it’s easy to see just how hard Aramingo Carpet’s employees work for their patrons. Aramingo provides their customers with the knowledge they need to find the right product, even if that means not buying from them. Stern emphasizes that educating the customer is important, he wants Philadelphians who stop by his store to know what questions to ask when looking for the right fit for a carpet and to know where to go to buy it.

Being that involved and helpful with customers, sometimes not even making a dime off of them, is what brings people back to their warehouse. If they don’t buy from Aramingo at a certain time, the customer service will certainly bring them back. Stern stops at nothing to provide for his customers.

“Our hours are technically our hours, but if I have a customer that is on their way in here at 8 o’ clock and I’m here- I wait for them. I don’t throw people out the door if I’m closing at 5, I wait and I work with them. I try and do everything I can to make my customers happy.”

Aramingo Carpet

Keeping customers happy also means being honest. Stern is big on honesty, something he learned from his father and grandfather who were also successful businessmen. “If you’re honest people appreciate that,” Stern said. “You have to respect the truth. People might not like everything you say but if its the truth you have to respect it- you can’t argue with the truth.”

Keeping honesty in mind is also what makes Aramingo’s atmosphere welcoming as well. They may not have a storefront with huge windows and pretty lights, but they do have a helpful staff, plenty of product and a family-friendly atmosphere. “There’s no fancy showroom here. Most of the people here are family. My wife works for me, my son-in-law works for me, my cousin works for me.”

Stern works full time-even when he’s on vacation. He could be on a cruise in the Bahamas and still answer his cell phone for his customers (they all have his personal number). Oh, wait, that did actually happen.

Aramingo offers many services for their customers including installation, layaway and even working with you to find your perfect fit- if they don’t have it they will order it or help you find where to get it. Keeping the family vibe and treating people with respect is Aramingo’s style and its something that will always be in fashion.  

Aramingo Carpet & Flooring is located at 4591 Aramingo Ave, Philadelphia, for more information visit

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