Are the Phillies really statistically out of the playoffs already?

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According to Baseball Prospectus, the season is over for one team on June 1. According to BP, the Phillies are the only team in the MLB with a 0.0 percent chance of making the playoffs this season.

It doesn’t take a website dedicated to sabermetric analysis to come to that conclusion. It’s evident that the Phillies have an excellent chance of finishing with the worst record in baseball, ensuring the organization the top pick in the 2016 draft. Sam Hinkie is envious but it’s not easy for Phillies fans coming out to the park

The team’s recent six-game win streak feels like ancient history. That’s due to the Phillies six-game losing streak entering Sunday’s game. Not even Cole Hamels and Aaron Harang could beat the moribund Rockies, who nearly no-hit the Phillies Friday night.

“It’s bad,” a NL scout said. “The Phillies have so many holes to fill. It’s a difficult team to watch, even with Hamels pitching.”

What’s compelling to watch is the action outside of the lines in June. The MLB draft, which will take place June 6, is significant. Will the Phillies draft a potential stud pitcher (Walker Buehler), a young catcher with power (Tyler Stephenson) or a dynamic outfielder (Daz Cameron)?

“They have so many needs,” a NL scout said. “They should be able to take care of one need at the top since they should end up with somebody solid.”

And there is the other action off the field, which bears watching, trades. With a crowded outfield, there are rumors that Ben Revere will be jettisoned. Will Ryan Howard’s recent offensive burst attract a team willing to give up a prospect and eat some of his enormous contract? Will Howard waive his full no-trade to leave the Phillies?

Will any team offer enough for Ruben Amaro to consider trading Cole Hamels? When will the Phillies trade Aaron Harang, who has been consistently very good for two-solid months?

“I’m not concerned about anything but pitching for the Phillies,” Harang said. “I’ve really enjoyed it here and all I’m thinking about is my next start and what happens on the field. We had a really good winning streak. I want to be part of another of those.”

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