Art gets personal with SoLow Fest


Now coming to a home near you, it’s the sixth annual SoLow Fest.

“It’s about new works and willing to take a risk,” says SoLow Fest co-organizer Meredith Sonnen, 29, of West Philly. “Art is something very personal and it’s a window into you. If you sit in a 100-seat theater or see a big production at a Taylor Swift concert, there’s not going to be a connection. The connection has to come from the art and audience.”

SoLow performances mostly take place in homes, parks — or in a driving car, such as will be the case for Nell Bang-Jenson and Maura Krause’s “Road May Flood,” June 22 to June 24.

“A lot of times we’re in private homes, but we’re getting to do more and more traditional theater,” Sonnen says. “We’re in the Rotunda this year and there are shows happening in theaters. Then you have Kevin Meehan, who will come into your house and rearrange all the furniture in a room.”

That would be Meehan’s “Tomorrow Is A New Room.” “Property Brothers,” eat your heart out.

The SoLow Fest features more than 45 works, from now through June 28. It’s pay what you can, and as many of the locations are private, you’ll need to contact the artist directly for details on how to attend (or when is a good time for the performer to come over toyour home). Visit for more info.

Go for a ride

Sonnen’s first exposure to the fest was when she rode around town for a performance of SoLow co-founder Thomas Choinacky’s “Never Been Stoked: A Traveling Bromance.”

“I was in the backseat with two other people,” says Sonnen, who now runs the fest with fellow city artists Chris Davis, Lauren Tracy and Lena Barnard. “They were in the front while we drove around for 30 minutes … it was about two guys who missed each other but didn’t know how to say it to each other.

“Then they drove us right back to the park.”

If you go

SoLow Fest
June 18 to28
Various locations
Pay what you can

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