As Phillies remain intact, future is dim

Jonathan Papelbon was just one of the Phillies' trade chips who stayed put Thursday. Credit: Getty Images Jonathan Papelbon was just one of the Phillies’ trade chips who stayed put Thursday. Credit: Getty Images

Back before the Phillies “dynasty” in the NL East, one that ran from 2007-2011 but seems like 30 years ago, the team wasn’t afraid to move their veterans.

They sent Placido Polanco and Jim Thome packing in 2005 to make room for Chase Utley and Ryan Howard respectively.

They also let Marlon Byrd go and eventually turned to a Rule 5 draft choice in Shane Victorino. (Ironically, the three returned for second stints with the team after a regime change in the GM’s office.)

But for some reason, Phillies GM Ruben Amaro was content to keep his crop of washed up veterans, citing the rest of the league for giving offers that did not respect the players’ market value.

So while on the field during a 10-4 win over the Nationals Thursday, just hours after the completely uneventful trade deadline passed, the Phillies looked loose and relaxed, the outlook for the future seems to be painfully dreary.

The product on the field in familiar to fans, and will remain so until at least the August 31st waiver trade deadline, if not through to the off-season. And that’s because Amaro didn’t feel it was necessary to pull the trigger.

“We were not looking for exorbitant paybacks,” Amaro told the media. “We were looking for players that would help us, but I think we were very reasonable in the discussions that we had. Frankly, I don’t think the clubs were aggressive enough for the talent we have on our club.”

Could Amaro be right to stay mum Thursday?

The Phillies can continue to seek perfect value in August, and can try and make some mores in the offseason. It’s not like there are a slew of big-league ready prospects waiting in the wings to play for Philly. However it was also made clear by the league not making the Phillies any offers worth accepting that the talent they can get for their assets is very good.

Fans will get to see more of the same at Citizens Bank Park for at least the next month. But unfortunately for them, it appears the team isn’t headed anywhere promising either.

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