Barred from owning cats, cat hoarder appeals verdict

Metro file photo. Metro file photo.

A cat hoarder living in the Philadelphia mansion which formerly belonged to Hollywood Golden era actress Grace Kelly plans to appeal her conviction on 14 counts of animal cruelty, which also bars her from owning pets for four years.

Marjory Bamont, 82, was also fined $10,800 after being convicted of abusing 14 cats and 1 dog living inside the East Falls mansion formerly occupied by the famed Hollywood beauty who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief.”

Now she plans to appeal to overturn that verdict so the pets can return to her home, Newsworks reported.

On Wednesday, Bamont and her attorney requested a court date to file their appeal. A hearing on the appeal was scheduled for March 27.

Bamont has resided in Kelly’s former home in East Falls since 1973. She was discovered to be illegally hoarding cats in late October.

After PSCPA received a tip about animals living in inhumane conditions at the mansion, a PSPCA officer visited Bamont’s home. The officer opened the door and saw the remains of a dead cat.

At that point the PSPCA secured a warrant to raid the home. On Oct. 31 they recovered 14 cats, one dog and the remains of one cat. Baumont was taken to Einstein Medical Center to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Conditions inside the former screen star’s home were unsanitary, with fleas and feces everywhere in the rooms where the cats were housed, the PSPCA said. Many of the cats were malnourished and in need of medical care, and the dog was also in poor condition.

All were brought to a PSPCA shelter to receive medical care.

The animals are still in PSPCA custody and cannot be adopted to members of the public until Bamont formerly surrenders custody, according to Newsworks.

A PSPCA spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment.

Bamont’s lawyers did not respond to requests for comment.


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