Batmobile replica going for $500K in Philly

If you were a fan of the original “Batman” TV show, starring Adam West as the “CapedCrusader” and Burt Ward as his trusty “Boy Wonder,” Robin, you’ll definitely want to see this. A auto dealership in the Frankford area of Philadelphiais selling a 1966 Batmobile replica… for $500 thousand.

Before you choke, remember that the show’s original Batmobilewas purchased at an auction in 2013for $4.2 million, Philadelphia Media Network reported.

LBI Limited,located near Torresdale Avenue and Church Street,typically deals with rare cars.

“We’ve had lots of cool cars,” said LBI’s ownerAndrew Mastin. “But nothing that has had the unique duality of being a sort of a piece of art and relevant to a generation and the pop culture of that generation.”

Interested? You can contact LBI Limited here to inquire about the possiblycoolest car you might ever own. (Batcycle included.)

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