Bensalem woman forgot backpack with 10,000 bags of heroin outside middle school: police

In yet another sign of the reaches of the opioid abuse epidemic, a Bensalem woman has been arrested for allegedly forgetting a backpack containing $100,000 worth of heroin in a middle school parking lot.

Natasha Willis, 26, of Bensalem, was arrested Thursday on charges of possession of drugs with intent to deliver related to the backpack, which police said contained about 10,000 baggies of heroin.

Police released photographs of the four bricks of heroin, already individually bagged, that were allegedly found in the backpack, which was discovered by shocked educators on at 9:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning last month.


The bricks allegedly found in Willis’ bag. Credit: Bensalem PD

As individual doses of heroin sell for $10 each, this haul had an estimated street value of $100,000.

Willis is being detained at Bucks County Correction Facility on $750,000 bail on charges stemming from the discovery in the Cecilia Snyder Middle School of a “suspicious backpack” on Dec. 20.

Investigators of the backpack incident were looking for a tan Toyota Corolla caught on school surveillance cameras near the scene of the incident hours before. On Jan. 10, around 8:50 p.m., the “target vehicle” was spotted and stopped by Bensalem police, leading to Willis’ arrest.

Police say Willis has “admitted to possessing and accidentally placing the bag outside of her vehicle behind the school.”

She is charged with possession with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia. No attorney for Willis could immediately be reached for comment.

“This was a fortunate find for police and school district officials as it prevented this heroin from being available on the streets,” Bensalem police said in a press release.

“It should be noted that this heroin was not intended for the school,” they added. “At no time were students placed in danger due to the quick action of school district personnel and police.”

By the numbers

bricks of heroin recovered

street price per baggie

individual heroin baggies

estimated total street value

Source: Bensalem PD

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