Big East ready for Wildcats?

There are many obstacles standing in Villanova’s way before it can join the Big East for football.

The Wildcats (1-1) would have to add 22 scholarships and either
renovate or move to a different facility, rather than 12,000-seat
Villanova Stadium.

Could 2014 or 2015 be a possibility? Maybe.

Pittsburgh, Syracuse, West Virginia, Rutgers, Connecticut,
Louisville, Cincinnati and South Florida would be quite different than
facing Richmond, Delaware and New Hampshire. That’s no knock on the
quality in the Football Championship Subdivision.

It’s just a new level and a new ballgame.

“It’s still so early in the process, so it’s hard to gauge,”
said one Big East coach, who asked to remain anonymous. “This much I
can tell you. Villanova is the defending FCS champion. They are a
well-coached team and they’re tough to beat. If they were added, we
would welcome them.”

Temple was kicked out of the Big East in ’01. It sure would be interesting if the Wildcats were added.

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