Bill would give amnesty for old parking tickets

Philadelphia Parking Authority

City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell introduced a bill Thursday morning that would offer complete forgivenessto parking ticketholders who’ve gone bunk on their bills for three years or more.

“We think that the city and the school district could get more money if we could take back parking authority bills to three years ‘cause them people could see an end to them,” she said.

Language in the ordinance establishes an amnesty program for all fines, fees and penalties on parking violations issued three years ago or more. If passed, it would go into effect immediately.

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“I think that people will pay because they know they can get past this and they can pay their bills and start all over, but when you have so many old bills that it bothers your credit, people just give up because they don’t know how to solve it,” said Blackwell.

This could mean a fight for the councilwoman, however. Her goal is to incentivize those ticketed to pay up, but the Philadelphia Parking Authority is already strapped for cash, and not looking to absorb any more costs.

Vince Fenerty, executive director of the PPA, declined to comment until he had spoken with the councilwoman. As of Thursday afternoon, he had not seen a copy of the bill.

Blackwell said she’s not yet sure she has support of the bill from her colleagues on Council.

Calls placed to Fenerty were not immediately returned.

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